FSFP President John Bonifaz recently appeared on Democracy Now! to discuss the Senate impeachment trial of Donald J Trump. The trial follows last year’s vote in the House of Representatives to impeach the President on two articles: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

During a discussion with host Amy Goodman, Bonifaz explained the gravity of this historic moment. “What we’ve seen over these past few days is that this is a very solemn occasion. The Senate must now take up the serious charges against this President issued by the House of Representatives and [they] must conduct a full and fair trial,” said Bonifaz.

Free Speech For People has been calling for the Senate to hold a full and fair trial – complete with relevant documents and witnesses, after Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell vowed to be in “total coordination” with the White House. This week Senators swore an oath before Chief Justice John Roberts, who will be presiding over the trial, to “do impartial justice.” 

During the discussion, Bonifaz went on to emphasize every Senator’s duty to put country over party and defend the Constitution. “They must not be complicit with this cover-up and with the criminal enterprise operating out of the Oval Office. They must conduct themselves according to that oath,” said Bonifaz. 

Watch the entire discussion here.