Free Speech For People Legal Director, Ron Fein heads to “The Daily Caller” to debunk claims made by Senator Ted Cruz during this week’s Senate debate on the Democracy For All Amendment. The op-ed begins:

In a few weeks, Saturday Night Live will celebrate its 40th anniversary season. While SNL has had its ups and downs, one thing has stayed true: its hilarious parodies of politicians, including every President from Gerald Ford to Barack Obama. But lately Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been using SNL to argue that our democracy apparently needs unlimited corporate spending to function properly.
According to Senator Cruz, common-sense measures to limit corporate political dollars would make SNL illegal. But Senator Cruz’s claims should be thrown into the Super Bass-o-Matic.

Senator Cruz’s SNL reference came in a debate over a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow state and federal laws to rein in big money in politics, and in particular, corporate money. The Senator’s theory is that this amendment would allow the government to criminalize SNL, because it’s shown by NBC, which is a corporation.

To understand why Senator Cruz is wrong, read Fein’s op-ed and rewind to SNL’s first year.

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