We co-launched our campaign for impeachment proceedings against President Trump on the day he took office two and a half years ago.  Not because it was politically expedient or popular, but because it was the right thing to do.  

Now, thanks to your support and the growing public demand around the country, we’re closer than ever before to holding this lawless president accountable.  

We have come a long way together:

  • 130 Members of Congress, including House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler and Assistant Speaker Ben Ray Luján, are now in favor of an impeachment inquiry of President Trump. This signifies the highest volume of support for impeachment received to date and includes a majority of the Democratic House Caucus. Click here to read an op-ed by Congressman Al Green and FSFP’s Legal Director Ron Fein on why the President’s racist abuses are grounds for impeachment.
  • The House Judiciary Committee announced publicly and in a federal court filing that it has begun an impeachment inquiry of President Trump. The Committee will use the ten counts of obstruction of justice identified in the Mueller report as evidence in their investigation. However, the scope of the investigation must expand to include other grounds for impeachment. These include: (1) violating the emoluments clauses of the Constitution and treating the Oval Office as a profit-making enterprise at the public expense; 2) undermining the freedom of the press, (2) directing law enforcement to investigate and prosecute political adversaries, (3) corrupting the electoral process, and (4) abusing the office of the presidency to promote racial hostility. Click here for our joint letter to the House Judiciary Committee urging that it conduct a full impeachment inquiry with urgency.

With your continued support, we’ve made huge progress on the road to holding Donald Trump accountable for his abuses of power and public trust. We are at a critical juncture in our nation’s history, in which we must decide whether to uphold the Constitution in the face of blatant violations or allow such behavior to set a dangerous precedent. Can we count on your support to uphold the Constitution and impeach Donald Trump?

Make a contribution today, so we can continue to defend our Constitution and the rule of law from President Trump’s gross misconduct.

Despite our progress, Trump’s actions continue to pose a grave threat to our democracy. During last weekend’s G7 Summit, the President said he would invite Vladimir Putin to the 2020 G7 Summit in the United States despite ongoing threats of Russian interference in our elections, and suggested that next year’s Summit be held at his golf resort in Doral, FL – a clear violation of the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause. Donald Trump’s actions continue to imperil our constitutional values and must be stopped.  

Your support is critical to helping us continue our impeachment fight. It allows us to retain a hardworking team of lawyers who are fighting every day to hold this most corrupt president accountable. 

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