The petitioners in the challenge to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s candidacy for re-election in 2022 filed a motion before the Georgia administrative law judge to include the newly-revealed January 17 text message between Greene and Meadows where she advocated that Trump impose martial law to try to stay in power.

An excerpt from the motion highlights two reasons why this text message is significant for the legal challenge: 

First, it further undermines Greene’s credibility. Greene’s testimony at the hearing that she could not remember discussing martial law with anyone was already dubious. This text with President Trump’s Chief of Staff makes her testimony even more incredible because it seems like the kind of message with the kind of recipient that a reasonable person testifying truthfully would remember. 

Second, the text sheds light on the meaning of her pre-January 6 statements. Eleven days after the failed insurrection, Greene was still fighting against the peaceful transfer of power by advocating extra-legal means. This text, like her statements on January 5, shows the lengths to which she was willing to go to help Mr. Trump remain in power.

Read the petitioners’ motion to supplement the record here.