“We, the People: A Forum to Defend Democracy” Sunday, April 18 SUNY

This Sunday, April 18, something good is happening in New Paltz, NY. Citizens are fighting back against the Supreme Court decision that will allow corporations with their mega-wealth to spend unlimited amounts of money to overwhelm our elections.

“We, the People: A Forum to Defend Democracy” will feature Congressman Maurice Hinchey (NYCD 22) who will talk on the growing dominance of corporations and the need to restore voters at the center of the electoral process.

A panel of national experts will talk about the consequences of this ruling and what we can do to mitigate its effects and eventually overturn it. Let’s put out a red carpet Hudson valley welcome to: Margery F. Baker, executive vice-president of People for the American Way; John Bonifaz, legal director of Voter Action and director of Free Speech for People and Joan Mandle, PhD, executive director of Democracy Matters.

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This forum appears to be one of the first in the country to take on the Supreme Court ruling and how we can challenge and overturn it. The question is simple- Should Congress represent and be accountable to the people or the big corporate, special interests?

People from across the political spectrum are upset with this ruling and all are welcome Sunday. Let’s start a grassroots movement to rein in the abuses of big corporations with their bail-outs, multi-million dollar bonuses, lobbyists and disregard for workers, public safety or the environment.

In a democracy- the people rule!

See you Sunday.

–Barbara Upton at Waking Planet

Photo by spatuletail / Shutterstock.com