The 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court case allows outside groups to give unlimited contributions in federal, state, and local races. Since its passing, there has been an influx in outside spending in mayoral races in major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and now in Boston.

This year’s mayoral race with contesters Rep. Marty Walsh and City Councilor John Connelly, was projected to be an evenly contested race. However, out of the 2 million dollars from outside Super-Pacs and Unions the race has received, Walsh has been given 1.65 million of it. What does it mean when outside groups are enabled to directly influence state elections with campaign contributions? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page or tweet them to us directly at @FSFP

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Update 11/12/2013: Marty Walsh has won the 2013 Boston Mayoral race, capturing 52% of the vote.

[Marty Walsh. Photo Credit: Wikipedia]