Read Ben Clements and Ron Fein’s latest article in Jurist.  They argue that, months after the Mueller testimony, it’s time for Congress to broaden the scope of its investigation and set an early deadline for a vote on impeachment in the House of Representatives.

“The Mueller Report describes a damning pattern of encouraging illegal foreign interference in the 2016 election, and then a coverup and obstruction scheme comprising at least ten separate instances of obstruction of justice. Trump’s ongoing obstruction and defiance of all congressional oversight investigations—including an apparent policy to fight every subpoena—is itself part of this pattern.” 

Free Speech For People has identified 11 Constitutional grounds for the impeachment of Donald Trump. These offenses range from his abuse of the pardon power and giving aid and comfort to neo-Nazis and white supremacists, to undermining freedom of the press and violating the anti-corruption clauses of the Constitution.

“If the Democratic leadership in the House is serious about holding Trump accountable, as they promised they would after taking the majority, the Judiciary Committee needs to expand its investigation to include the full range of Trump’s impeachable offenses,” Clements and Fein write.

More than 130 Members of Congress favor holding impeachment proceedings against the President. Despite recent efforts to hold the President fully accountable for his wrongdoing, House leadership has been reluctant to carry out its sworn duty and use the impeachment power to address this constitutional crisis.

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