Congressman Paul W. Hodes of New Hampshire is expected to introduce a Constitutional Amendment.

An Email from his campaign:

The last thing the people of New Hampshire need or want is more well-heeled special interests meddling in our elections and attempting to silence the will of Granite State voters.

Last week an overwhelming number of you stood with me and told me that we cannot let this deplorable Supreme Court decision stand unchallenged. That’s why I am proposing a constitutional amendment that would block corporations from using unlimited cash to influence New Hampshire elections.

I do not take altering our founding document lightly, but when I perceive a threat so severe that it could rock the foundations on which our democracy stands, I feel compelled to act. And I need you to stand with me.

Click here to lend your voice to this fight and show your support for this important step to protect the voice of Granite State voters.

I want this election to be about ideas and the interests of Granite State voters, not who can line up the most support on Wall Street or in Washington.

By signing my petition, we can send a message that the upcoming election in New Hampshire should be decided by the people of the Granite State, not multi-national corporations with unlimited cash and no respect for our democratic traditions.

Join me today and together we can tell Washington that no TV ad or radio commercial paid with corporate cash will be loud enough to drown out our voice.

Please, click here to show your support for my amendment and stand with me today as I take this fight to Congress.

Once you’ve registered your support, please forward this e-mail to your friends and help spread our message.

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