In a piece posted today on The Blaze, Ron Fein responds to Charles Koch’s recent warning that “America is done for” if conservative mega-donors don’t rally in 2016. Fein argues that the “cure that Mr. Koch proposes is worse than the disease.”

When billionaires handpick our politicians before a single vote is cast, it strips away the fundamental power of We the People to elect our representatives. And in this case, the losers are Republican voters.

Mr. Koch was speaking in California to an elite group of 450 political donors who have given $100,000 or more to Koch-backed political groups. The Koch brothers and their network have committed to spend $889 million to help elect the next Republican president.

When money determines who gets airtime on debates and who makes it to the primary, the marketplace of ideas and policies is drastically limited, and at the expense of the voters. The only “serious” candidates shouldn’t be chosen based on their billionaire support or Super PACs. But, more and more we see this is a trend across both party lines.

Fein  sums it up perfectly.

“Mr. Koch is right to say that America may be “done for,” but he’s saying it for the wrong reason. America will be “done for” if We the People continue to let a small group of ultra-rich individuals co-opt our elections.”

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