Tag: Corporate Charter Revocation

Listen: John Bonifaz on the Michelangelo Signorile

Listen to John Bonifaz, Free Speech For People President and Co-Founder, interviewed on the Michelangelo Signorile show on Sirius XM Radio, discussing our new campaign to revoke corporate charter of The Trump Organization, Inc., in New York State.
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The American Prospect: Trump’s Get-Rich-Quick Presidency

The American Prospect explores President Trump’s business conflicts and his “tendency to treat the presidency as a cash machine have drawn fresh scrutiny in light of the Russia scandal.” Our campaign to revoke the charter of The Trump Organization, Inc. may be just the strategy to address these concerns.
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Don Blankenship, Former Massey Energy C.E.O. Guilty in Deadly Coal Mine Blast

This week, Don Blankenship was convicted of a federal charge stemming from a deadly coal mine blast that left 29 miners dead at the Big Branch Mine in 2010. He has to has to answer for his crimes, and his corporation, Massey Energy should too. Learn more about our work to hold law-violating corporations responsible.
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