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Big Tech And Our Democracy: FSFP Holds Briefing On Amicus Brief in Gonzalez v Google, and the Big Tech Accountability Act

Free Speech For People recently held an online briefing to discuss the organization’s amicus brief in the pending case before the Supreme Court, Gonzalez v Google, and the Big Tech Accountability Act. Last December, FSFP filed a friend of the court brief in support of the petitioners in this case following a Ninth Circuit Court
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FSFP Filed An Amicus Brief in Grocery Manufacturers Association, et. al. v. William H. Sorrell, Attorney General

Free Speech For People has filed an amicus brief before the federal district court in Vermont in defense of Vermont’s recently-passed law requiring the labeling of food produced with genetic engineering. The law requires food sold in Vermont that was produced with genetic engineering to be labeled “produced with genetic engineering.” Major agribusiness and industrial
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