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New Free Speech For People Oped In The Boston Globe On Why Congress Must Impeach Donald Trump Again And Bar Him From Future Office.

The Boston Globe today published a new oped by FSFP Board Chair and Senior Legal Advisor Ben Clements, FSFP President John Bonifaz, and FSFP Legal Director Ron Fein on why Congress must impeach Donald Trump again and bar him from future office. “Trump has proved that he should not be allowed anywhere near public office.
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The Birth of the Super PAC By Renée Loth via The Boston Globe

Last week, on Monday, November 16, Renée Loth moderated our panel at Harvard Law School on SpeechNow v. FEC and ending Super PACs. Loth is featured in today’s issue of The Boston Globe, discussing “The Birth of the Super PAC” and its relation to the 2010 SpeechNow ruling.
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