FSFP Steered the Organizing of the Letter

FSFP Senior Advisor on Election Security Susan Greenhalgh organized a letter signed by over two dozen computer and election security experts outlining the dangers of using wireless modems to transmit election results. The letter was sent to election officials in states that use modems and was featured in a Palm Beach Post story investigating Florida’s use of insecure wireless modems with its DS 200 ballot tabulators. 

“It has been asserted that voting machines are not vulnerable to remote hacking because they are never connected to the Internet, but both the premise and the conclusion are false,” the letter warned. The letter cited documents and presentations from the National Institute of Standards and Technology that have conclusively stated that wireless modems expose voting systems to the internet and remote cyber attacks, which were referenced in the Post story.

Palm Beach County’s voting system vendor, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), was recently censured by the U. S. Election Assistance Commission for falsely advertising its voting machines with wireless modems as federally certified when they are not.

“The election industry is entirely broken…There is no oversight of it. There is no regulation. As a result, the vendors can make these sorts of false claims with impunity,” said Greenhalgh.

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