Jessica Crist, bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), Montana Synod, wrote an excellent column endorsing the Montana ballot initiative, I-166, published in the Missoulian today. Here’s a brief excerpt, but the whole column is well worth reading:

The Supreme Court’s definition of personhood notwithstanding, our faith tradition teaches that people, not corporations and special interests, are made in the image of God.

This is a faith issue. This is a values issue. The Biblical prophets railed against economic wealth and political power that resulted in injustice. Modern day prophets and saints raise similar concerns about the co-opting of the democratic system. This is not a partisan issue. This is a justice issue. This is an issue for all citizens. And it is an issue for people of faith.

“We the People,” who established the U.S. Constitution, who are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are called to bear God’s image faithfully and to reject that which challenges these basic principles.

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