Angella Carella

Connecticut Post

October 20, 2012


“So now money legally talks. It’s corporations and special-interest organizations, now each legally a person, that have megaphones. In the political system their voices are loudest, and threaten to drown out the voices of actual persons.

But across the country, actual persons are fighting back.”

“If Congress proposes an amendment, it will take a few more years for three-quarters of the states to ratify it. For that to happen, many individuals in each state must support it and make their views known.

“This has to be talked about in community groups, student associations, senior centers, neighborhood meetings all over the country,” Bonifaz said. “Right now only about one in five Americans know about it. But when they learn about it, they feel strongly that our political system must change.”

People “are ready for a bold opportunity to fight back,” he said. ‘We’ve done it before.'”

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