This week Free Speech For People highlighted the fact that Justice John Paul Stevens has called for an amendment to get big money out in his new book. However, as our friends at Public Campaign pointed out, he wasn’t the only SCOTUS Justice to come out against the current campaign finance system.

On Monday, when speaking to a crowd of mostly students at the University of Washington, Sotomayor told the crowd that money was the biggest barrier to a government that looks like America. When one student asked what barriers still needed to be broken to improve the representation of women and minorities in government Sotomayor said: “Money. No, seriously. Look at what’s happening in politics. What’s talking the loudest is money.” For more minorities and women to gain more of a foothold in government decisions, “we’re going to have to work the political system at the highest level,” she said.

It’s great to see another highly elected official support this issue.

If you haven’t yet, take a moment to stand with Justice Stevens for his proposed amendment, which you can read about here.