Month: January 2012

‘We the People’ can overturn Citizens United

By Jim McGovern and Jeff Clements

The Boston Globe

January 21, 2012

THE FIRST three words of the preamble of our Constitution are “We the People.’’

Two years ago today the US Supreme Court in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission upended that promising vision. Corporations — which do not have mouths, minds, or consciences — won a “free speech’’ right to spend unlimited money to influence elections.

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Corporations are people too? Not in Montana! At least for now.

Michael Bobelian


January 5, 2012

The fallout from the Supreme Court’s 2010 seminal opinion – Citizens United v. FEC – voiding restrictions on election-related speech by corporations (along with labor unions and non-profits) continues to reverberate as we inch along the presidential campaign.  Many political observers are wondering how corporate money will influence the election?

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