While it’s easy to be heartbroken in the current climate of money in politics, we have to say, some pretty amazing things have happened already in the movement this year. Being that it’s only February, we’re excited to think about all of the progress that could happen during the rest of 2014. So, we decided to get gushy and talk about some of the ways this progress has been made:

1. Nancy Pelosi and John Sarbanes
introduced the Government by the People Act – an act that would encourage more participation in campaigns by Americans, boost the power of small donors, and close tax loop holes to prevent wealthy special interests from controlling elections. 


2. Free Speech For People teamed up with the organization Represent.Us in January to stand united against Citizens United and rally support for the Anti-Corruption Act to stop political bribery. 

3. This video of a citizen in NH fighting in her town to get big money out out of politics — and effectively turning a “no” into a “yes” during their town council meeting.

4. Nebraska just might be on its way to being the 17th State to call for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United. 

5. Senator Durbin and 16 others introduced the Fair Elections Now Act!

6. In a historic effort led by Public Citizen, over a 100 Rapid Response Rallies have been planned to occur within hours of the McCutcheon vs. Fec ruling!

7. Hundreds of people marched in the 185-mile trek through the rain, sleet and snow in New Hampshire as part of the NH Rebellion making a strong statement that we, the people, have had ENOUGH with corruption in politics. 


If you’d like to join us in taking action to get big money out of politics, and make more stories like the ones above happen, click here.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Free Speech For People


Main photo by freepik / www.freepik.com