Since our founding in January 2010, on the day of the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC, we have advocated for a democracy in which all people can participate equally and meaningfully in the political process. We have worked to uphold and defend our core democratic principles and our Constitution. Through innovative and bold legal action, we have sought to end the big money dominance in our elections and advance political equality for all. And, we have provided public education and organized in communities across the country to help build a nationwide movement to reclaim our democracy for we, the people.

Free Speech For People's Work Across the Country

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More Than 10 Years of Bold and Innovative Leadership

Free Speech For People has been an innovator in the movement to reclaim our democracy. We have launched pathbreaking new initiatives to challenge big money in politics, unchecked corporate power, and corruption in government.


FIRST to pass legislation to END SUPER PACS in our elections

FIRST to launch a campaign for IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against the former President Donald Trump

FIRST to file a lawsuit to challenge undue influence by VOTING SYSTEMS VENDORS on elected officials

More Than 10 Years of Victories for Our Democracy

Free Speech For People’s bold leadership has resulted in critical victories for our democracy. Check out the slideshow below highlighting our key victories over the past decade.

Free Speech For People Celebrates 10 Years of Fighting for Our Democracy

The Next Ten Years and Beyond

THANK YOU for your incredible support of Free Speech For People which has made this work possible. As we reflect on the last ten years and all that comes next, we are grateful for champions, like YOU, who have fought alongside us to ensure all people can participate equally and meaningfully in our democracy.

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