Today, we reached another major milestone in our campaign. Los Angeles City Council became the seventh city to pass a resolution calling on Congress to launch an impeachment investigation of President Donald Trump. With this vote, Los Angeles joins Richmond, Alameda, and Berkeley, CA; Charlotte, VT; and Cambridge and Leverett, MA.

The resolution was recently presented to Councilmember Bob Blumenfield by the West Valley Resistance based on a model resolution drafted by legal counsel at Free Speech For People.

“Mr. Trump has put his own self-interest ahead of the country,” said the West Valley Resistance, a grassroots volunteer-led organization that spearheaded the efforts in presenting the impeachment resolution before the Los Angeles City Council.

“Through his long list of business entanglements with foreign entities, with Russia as the most concerning, Mr. Trump along with his family and his entire administration has consistently used their position to put money in their own pockets by using his properties for government business, as well as using their political influence to promote their own family businesses.”

Today’s vote is a major step forward in our campaign’s effort to hold President Trump accountable for his direct and ongoing violations of the Constitution. We have the momentum—now we need your help to keep pushing this effort forward.

We’ve reached nearly 1 million petition signers and we want you to join our campaign by bringing an Impeachment resolution to your local government.

You can join our campaign, read our proposed Impeachment Resolution, stock up on Impeach Donald Trump Now merchandise, and find resources for how to get started by visiting our website.

Thank you for standing with us!