Category: Corporate Abuse of Power

Important New Report Details Corporate Contributions to U.S. Chamber of Commerce

An important new report from our friends at Public Citizen sheds light on the voluntary disclosure of campaign contributions from 24 corporations totaling $8,750.000 to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The report finds that while these 24 (which are listed in full in the report) have disclosed their amounts, there are still countless more whose identities are still unvailable to the public.

The report reads:

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Blog Action Day 2013: Corporate Rights or Human Rights?

The following blog post, originally posted on, was written by our Legal Advisory Committee member Katie Redford. The post is a part of Blog Action Day, an annual event aimed at uniting bloggers around a common theme, this year’s theme being human rights. For a full list of our new Legal Advisory Committee with brief bios for each member, click here.
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What is Corporate Love?

Reader Supported News asks exactly this question in their new piece entitled, "Love, Corporate Style." Corporations spend big money on getting consumers to engage and interact with their corporate "friends" through social media and other means. But what are these corporations missing in their tweets and facebook posts?

From the article:

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