FSFP Legal Director Ron Fein appeared on The Young Turks to discuss 14point3 our campaign urging Secretaries of State and chief election officials nationwide to abide by Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment and ban Trump and other insurrectionists from the ballot.

“Just like you would have to be twenty-five years old to run for Congress, you would need to not have violated Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment in order to run for Congress. So state election officials have the power to exclude a candidate from the ballot who participated in some way in this insurrection, just like they could if somebody who was seventeen years old wanted to run for Congress,” said Fein.

Free Speech For People recently relaunched the 14point3 campaign in collaboration with Our Revolution to mark the one year anniversary of the deadly January 6 insurrection at the nation’s Capitol. This week, FSFP also announced that the organization will represent a group of North Carolina voters in a legal challenge to U.S. Representative Madison Cawthorn’s 2022 candidacy based on his apparent involvement in the insurrection.

“This is not just a matter of whether you don’t like a particular politician or their policies or views. This is something that was put in the Constitution to protect us from these types of oath-breaking insurrectionists and make sure that they don’t endanger the country as a whole,” said Fein.

Watch the full discussion here.

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