FSFP Legal Director Ron Fein recently appeared on Democracy Nerd to discuss the city of Seattle’s Clean Campaigns Act and the fight to end political spending by foreign-influenced corporations.

“The Citizens United decision described corporations as associations of citizens, which is not really true of most publicly traded corporations,” said Fein.

Last year the Seattle City Council passed a bold campaign finance reform ordinance to ban political spending by foreign-influenced corporations. That ordinance, which was sponsored by Seattle City Councilmember (now Council President) Lorena González, built on Free Speech For People’s work developing similar legislation in St. Petersburg, Florida. Free Speech For People is also working on similar legislation in Massachusetts, New York state, and elsewhere.

“This issue resonates with the American people. Public polling shows that it’s supported by Democrats and Republicans by solid majorities. And sometimes it may take a particular example in a particular location to catch people’s attention…but eventually everyone comes to understand the importance,” said Fein.

Watch the full discussion here.

Learn more about the Seattle legislation here.