(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File)

Check out this important Mother Jones article discussing Free Speech For People’s work with our allies in challenging the constitutionality of the Arpaio pardon.

If the status quo stands, critics of the pardon argue, Trump can essentially nullify constitutional rights that conflict with his agenda and immunize officials who carry out his unconstitutional policies. As constitutional scholar Laurence Tribe and civil rights attorney Ron Fein, who participated in a brief opposing the pardon, explained in a Washington Post op-ed, desegregation after Brown v. Board of Education happened because the courts enforced their orders with the threat of contempt against politicians vowing “massive resistance.” If the president had pardoned local officials who refused to desegregate schools, that would have nullified the civil rights of African Americans. Likewise, it’s easy to see the Arpaio pardon as a signal to like-minded law enforcement officials that implementation of the administration’s immigration agenda will come with a pardon for unconstitutional enforcement.

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