Tonight, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a ruling in our case and reduced the amount of time the US District Court had provided for voters in Arizona to register to vote during this pandemic.  While we are disappointed in this ruling, we are proud that we stood up for the fundamental right to vote and that we won a ten-day extension of the voter registration deadline.  As a result of this victory for our democracy, tens of thousands of more voters in Arizona will be able to participate in the upcoming November election.

We urge all eligible voters in Arizona who have yet to register to vote to do so by this Thursday, October 15, so that you may participate in this election.  Register to vote now.  Show up to vote.  Make your voice heard.

We will continue to work tirelessly over the next two days to ensure that eligible voters will register in time to be able to vote in this election.  And, we will continue our work beyond this registration deadline to increase voter turnout and to ensure that our democracy works for all.

Read the ruling here.

Learn more about MI FAMILIA VOTA V. HOBBS here.

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