Today, Free Speech For People and the  Stetson Law Chapter of the American Constitution Society presented a panel on short- and long-term strategies to overturn Citizens United. 

This panel brought together some of the country’s boldest campaign finance reformers for a vibrant discussion on how to connect our current constitutional moment and the prospect of a new ninth Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court with innovative new initiatives for ending big money’s dominance of American elections.

Panelists included: Professor Al Alschuler, University of Chicago Law School; Scott Greytak, Counsel, Free Speech For People; Darden Rice, Vice Chair, St. Petersburg City Council; and FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub. The discussion was moderated by Professor Joseph Morrissey of Stetson University College of Law.

In her remarks to the Gulfport campus of Stetson University College of Law, Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub criticized the Citizens United decision as “blatantly ridiculous.” She joined us later Thursday afternoon to testify before the St. Petersburg City Council in support of our proposed ordinance.

Shortly after the panel, the City Council held a “Committee of the Whole” meeting to hear testimony about the ordinance that would limit foreign corporate money in local elections and limit the amount of super PAC contributions. City Council member Darden Rice, who co-sponsored the bill with Free Speech For People, argued that the ordinance would remedy the influx of outside money in local St. Petersburg elections.

If passed, the ordinance  could be the end of super PACs and may lay the groundwork for the eventual defeat of Citizens United.

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Tampa Bay radio station, WMNF covered the panel and will be playing the full discussion on Monday, October 31st at 12:06pm ET.