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Free Speech For People Legal Team Holds Special Briefing Call To To Discuss How The Organization Is Fighting Back To Defend Our Democracy And Our Constitution.

Free Speech For People President John Bonifaz recently moderated a special briefing call featuring Legal Director Ron Fein and Senior Counsel Courtney Hostetler, where the legal experts discussed how the organization is fighting back to defend our democracy and our Constitution. “Instead of celebrating the fact that our electorate has begun to better reflect the
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FSFP Legal Counsel Courtney Hostetler Discusses Our Federal Lawsuit Challenging Arizona’s New Voter Suppression Laws on The BradCast.

FSFP Legal Counsel Courtney Hostetler recently appeared on The BradCast to discuss our recent lawsuit seeking to block two new voter suppression laws enacted by the Arizona Legislature. “Our arguments are one; that the Legislature knew exactly what it was doing and it passed this law with the intention of being discriminatory, and two; we’re
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