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FSFP Legal Director Ron Fein Discusses Our Campaign to Ban Insurrectionists from Future Office on The Young Turks.

FSFP Legal Director Ron Fein appeared on The Young Turks to discuss 14point3 — our campaign urging Secretaries of State and chief election officials nationwide to abide by Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment and ban Trump and other insurrectionists from the ballot. “Just like you would have to be twenty-five years old to run
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FSFP President John Bonifaz Discusses Our Call For Attorney General Garland To Resign On The Young Turks.

FSFP President John Bonifaz recently appeared on The Young Turks to discuss our call for Attorney General Garland to resign for failing to take action against former president Trump and his associates for their attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election and other federal crimes they may have committed. “There is an urgent moment at
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