Free Speech For People President John Bonifaz joined Rising Up With Sonali to discuss the latest developments in the House’s impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump.

On September 12, the House Judiciary Committee passed a resolution to formalize its ongoing impeachment inquiry and outline the terms of its investigation. The Committee, however, failed to disclose when it would vote to move articles of impeachment against Donald Trump out of committee. In response, numerous public interest groups, including Free Speech For People, urged the House Judiciary Committee to commit to a November 1, 2019 date and expand the scope of its investigation beyond the Mueller Report. 

In his discussion with host Sonali Kolhatkar, Bonifaz expressed that, “At the very least, six more weeks is all that is necessary for concluding this investigation and moving articles of impeachment out of the Committee and onto the floor. I think really what is at stake here is not just the Members and their legacy…but what is at stake is our Constitution and our democracy and that fundamental principle that no one is above the law, not even the President of The United States.”

Members of the House leadership refuse to join a majority of their colleagues in endorsing the impeachment process despite overwhelming evidence of the President’s impeachable conduct. 

“We are at a critical moment in our history – defining moment for this nation and for our Constitution – and it’s time for Members of Congress who took an oath of office to defend the Constitution and defend the rule of law to stand up for our democracy today,” said Bonifaz.