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VIDEO: The Ongoing Campaign to End Foreign-Influenced Corporate Spending in U.S. Elections.

The campaign to end foreign-influenced corporate spending in our elections continues to grow across the country! Our new video highlights the ongoing fight to advance our model legislation to prohibit foreign-influenced corporate spending in federal, state and local elections. The video features Congressman Jamie Raskin and leaders in New York State, Seattle, and California who
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FSFP Senior Counsel Courtney Hostetler and Michele Sutter Co-Author New Oped on Bill Seeking to Ban Multinational Corporations From Spending Money in California Elections.

Cal Matters recently published a new op-ed by FSFP Senior Counsel Courtney Hostetler and Money Out Voters In Co-Founder Michele Sutter on a new bill that seeks to ban multinational corporations from spending money in California elections. The following is an excerpt from the new piece: The Citizens United ruling created a loophole to foreign
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iPhones, the Constitution, and Beer

The tech world is abuzz because Apple has announced it will fight a court order requiring it to develop a custom version of its iOS operating system so the FBI can hack into an iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino terrorists.
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