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How Do Potential Supreme Court Nominees Stack Up on Citizens United?

Hours within the death of Justice Scalia, Senate Republicans vowed they would refuse to hold a hearing on any of the nominees presented by President Obama. Despite their refusals, the president has continued with the nominate process. In an interview with Truthout, Scott Greytak, counsel at Free Speech for People, discusses how the potential nominees stack up
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iPhones, the Constitution, and Beer

The tech world is abuzz because Apple has announced it will fight a court order requiring it to develop a custom version of its iOS operating system so the FBI can hack into an iPhone that belonged to one of the San Bernardino terrorists.
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Alaska Speaks Up For Self-Government

On Monday, the State of Alaska filed an important legal brief setting forth a bold argument for self-government as a theory for limiting out-of-state money in local and state election campaigns.
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