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The Birth of the Super PAC By Renée Loth via The Boston Globe

Last week, on Monday, November 16, Renée Loth moderated our panel at Harvard Law School on SpeechNow v. FEC and ending Super PACs. Loth is featured in today’s issue of The Boston Globe, discussing “The Birth of the Super PAC” and its relation to the 2010 SpeechNow ruling.
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BREAKING: DC Circuit Denies Rehearing En Banc in Conflict Minerals Case

In August, two judges of the D.C. Circuit (over a strong dissent by Judge Srinivasan) issued an opinion holding that this corporate disclosure rule violates the freedom of speech of publicly traded corporations. With the full court’s denial of en banc rehearing, the D.C. Circuit leaves a dangerous precedent in place.
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The Beginning Of The End of the Super PAC?

Are we nearing the beginning of the end for super PACs? These political money machines, designed to work around campaign contribution limits and inject unlimited political money into our political campaigns, are more powerful now than ever.
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