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Podcast: Centering Marginalized Communities

Our Democracy Honors Fellow Jasmine Gomez joined Allie Boldt (from Demos) joined Laura Friedy on the Every Voice Podcast on how to take an intersectional approach to money in politics to bring new and necessary voices to the movement.  Jasmine and Allie discussed their new framework for ensuring that historically marginalized communities — like communities
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Register Here for a National Conference Call on Inclusivity and Intersectionality in the Pro-Democracy Movement

Come join our free national video call to discuss the importance of using an intersectional lens within the Pro-Democracy and Amendment Movements.   The goal of these webinars is to give activists who are involved in passing the 28th amendment, or who are involved more broadly in democracy reform, tools to make our movement more intersectional
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Democracy by the People

A legal symposium co-sponsored by Seton Hall University School of Law and Free Speech For People Friday, April 1, 2016 9am – 4:45pm8:30am Continental Breakfast Seton Hall University School of LawNewark, New Jersey This symposium will bring together leading scholars from across the country to help develop new thinking and proposed solutions for overhauling our nation’s campaign finance
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Money in Politics as a Civil Rights Issue

Big money interests increasingly dominate our election process and threaten the basic promise of American democracy: political equality for all.  Like the poll tax of the past, today’s campaign finance system operates as a barrier to equal and meaningful participation in the political process.  This special forum will address the question of money in politics from
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Money In Politics as a Civil Rights Issue A Special Forum in Durham, North Carolina

Free Speech For People in partnership with   Democracy North Carolina The Institute For Southern StudiesNorth Carolina Voters For Clean ElectionsSouthern Coalition for Social Justiceand the American Constitution Society law student chapters at Duke Law School,NCCU School of Law, and UNC School of Law This special forum entitled “Money In Politics as a Civil Rights Issue”,  was hosted at the Hayti
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7 Money & Politics Stories We Actually Fell In Love With This Year

While it’s easy to be heartbroken in the current climate of money in politics, we have to say, some pretty amazing things have happened already in the movement this year. Being that it’s only February, we’re excited to think about all of the progress that could happen during the rest of 2014. So, we decided to get gushy and talk about some of the ways this progress has been made:

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States race to increase donation limits to counter influence of outside money

In response to the flood of outside money in politics, states from Alabama to Wyoming are boosting donation limits to rake in bigger contributions for their campaigns.

Nine states have approved higher campaign contribution limits. Most recently in Michigan, when on Thursday a new measure was approved that would double to $6,800 the amount of money a candidate for statewide office can accept from individuals.

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