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FSFP Applauds the Senate Announcement Of Upcoming Floor Vote On the Udall Constitutional Amendment Bill

Free Speech For People, a national campaign to reclaim our democracy launched on the day of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, applauded today’s announcement that the United States Senate will hold a floor vote this year on Senator Tom Udall’s constitutional amendment bill to allow Congress and the States to regulate and limit the amount of money in politics. Senator Charles Schumer issued this announcement at today’s Senate Rules Committee hearing on the impact of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in McCutcheon v.
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Justice Stevens’s Solution for ‘Giant Step in Wrong Direction’

A recent New York Times article features an interview and insight from former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and his continued dissent against the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United and the recent McCutcheon v. FEC decision. The article also discusses his new book in which Stevens’ calls for a constitutional amendment to limit campaign contributions.

It reads:

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The 28th Amendment Roadshow

Our democracy has been overtaken by corporate interests who have bought favor with politicians, putting up huge roadblocks to any legislation that benefits people. But all over the country people are fighting back and demanding change. In light of the recent Supreme Court McCutcheon v. FEC decision, we need this effort now more than ever.

America needs a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that declares that We the People have the authority to regulate election spending and that corporations shall not be endowed with the same rights and privileges as human beings.

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