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Justice Stevens Calls For Constitutional Amendment To Get Money Out Of Politics In New Book

Justice John Paul Stevens has written a new book, and in it, he proposes six potential amendments to the Constitution — including one to reform the current campaign finance system. It reads:

Neither the First Amendment nor any other provision of this Constitution shall be construed to prohibit the Congress or any state from imposing reasonable limits on the amount of money that candidates for public office, or their supporters, may spend in election campaigns.

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Elections for sale: Campaign spending, free speech and hamstrung voters

Read this new op-ed from Free Speech For People Co-Founder John Bonifaz and Free Speech For People’s Legal Advocacy Member James G. Exum Jr. Justice Exum is also a distinguished professor of the Judicial Process at Elon University School of Law, and served as a justice on the N.C. Supreme Court, from 1975-1994, including as chief justice, from 1986-1994.

It reads:

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Local Ballots Matter!

Check out this new video we created of Ellen R. from New Hampshire. In the video, she takes on her town council and effectively turns a "No" into a "Yes" about getting a local resolution passed to overturn Citizens United and get big money out of politics. 

Click below to watch.

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Is Nebraska on its way to being the 17th State to call for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United?

Recently proponents to overturn the 2010 Citizens United decision gathered at the State Capitol in Nebraska to demonstrate support for a legislative resolution that asks Congress to overturn the decision with a constitutional amendment.

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Proponents of election spending limits urged Nebraska to join a national effort Thursday to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s controversial Citizens United decision. Four years ago, the high court ruled political spending is a form of free speech.

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